How can a healthy, active lifestyle benefit you?

By Daniel at Le Rocquier School, Jersey.

Sport has built my confidence with stuff that I have never thought of doing.

Sport has made me lots of new friends and is helping my anxiety and anger issues.

I’ve been struggling at school and sometimes I can’t understand words, even when someone explains it. Sport has helped me have a clear, tranquil head instead of having panic attacks and stressing all the time.

I was interested in finding out what other people loved about sport and if they also found it helpful.

Daniel said, “ I really like sport because you can relax and be yourself.” I have to agree with Daniel on that one.

I also spoke with Jack and Beatriz who could really see the positivity sport can bring as part of a healthy life style.

“I think sport is really good,” Charlie said, “because you can express yourself in different ways.”

I’ve  found out that some of my classmates  enjoy sports for different reasons.

Kelly said, “I like sport because it keeps me going and energetic.” Whereas Jorja-Leigh told me, “ I love one-to-one sports because it allows my mind to focus.” Finally, Ellie confessed that she enjoys the health benefits of playing sport.

I’ve found out that keeping fit and healthy is a great way to help your mental health.

Without sport, I wouldn’t be fit; I wouldn’t have as many friends; and I definitely wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.

Do you think sport could help you?


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